Dominica IBC International Business Companies Benefits, Application & Requirements

General Information

To form a Dominica IBC click here to download the application form. The completed form can returned to [email protected] and a representative will then contact you for further information and assistance.

The Commonwealth of Dominica’s international corporate registry is one of the fastest growing and most efficiently managed corporate registries today.

The International Business Act of 1996 allows for convenient and easy establishment of an International Business Company (IBC) in Dominica. Forming a company can be done by one person and there is no requirement for local shareholders or directors for a Dominica IBC.

Offshore companies formed in Dominica enjoy exemption from income and capital gains taxes, as well as withholding, transfer and stamp taxes.

There are also no requirements for annual meetings or audit requirements and there are no requirements to file annual records. Confidentiality is important and the names of directors and shareholders are not part of any public record.

Our Administration prides itself on honesty, integrity, and our commitment to serving the corporate community as a whole.

Dominica IBC’s are perfectly tailored for today’s ship-owner and formation of a Dominica IBC is both fast and economical.

Dominica IBC Advantages

International companies who choose to base out of Dominica enjoy advantages including tax exemptions, capital and structural flexibility, and member confidentiality.

The Dominica International Business Companies Act passed in 1996 was aimed at creating a competitive environment for companies looking for an offshore jurisdiction to base their operations.

Since the Act’s initial adoption in 1996, progressive amendments have been passed to further enhance the nation’s attractiveness and viability to prospective entrepreneurs.

The benefits of having an IBC based in Dominica include:


Offshore companies formed in Dominica enjoy total exemption from local taxes including:

  • Income and capital gains taxes
  • Withholding taxes
  • Transfer taxes
  • Stamp duties
  • No minimum paid up share capital
  • Capital may be denominated in any currency
  • Capital may be denominated in different currencies


  • A minimum of one share may be issued
  • Shares may be issued with or without par value
  • Shares may be denominated in any currency
  • Shares may be acquired, re-issued or purchased


  • A minimum of one shareholder and one director is required
  • Shareholders/directors may be individuals or corporations
  • No annual general meeting of shareholders is required
  • Shareholders/directors need not reside in Dominica
  • No business license is required
  • Shareholders/directors meetings are optional
  • Meetings may take place outside Dominica


  • Re-domiciliation is permitted either into or from Dominica
  • IBC assets may be transferred to Trustees either within or outside Dominica
  • Maximum confidentiality is assured by Dominican law
  • A Dominica IBC can be created within 24-48 hours after an application to the Dominica Maritime
  • Registry is submitted.
  • No annual returns must be filed or published


Any company that registers as an IBC in Dominica must contain the phrase Limited (Ltd), Sociedad Anonima (S.A.), Corporation (Corp.) or Incorporation (Inc.) as a suffix to its name.

No company forming in Dominica shall ever contain the words “Dominica,” “royal,” “national,” “chamber of commerce,” or any other word that may be construed as having any connection to the Dominican Government or its activities.

No company can use a name that already exists as a registered Dominica IBC.

For more information please contact [email protected]

Forms & Applications

The following application regarding corporate services is available below:

Inquiries and completed forms can be submitted to [email protected]

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