Invest in Dominica

Why Invest in Dominica?

  • Dominica ranked #6 by FDI Intelligence for cost effectiveness in the Caribbean & Latin America-
  • “Gateway to Europe” 15 minutes by air to the French Overseas Departments of Martinique and Guadeloupe and less than 2 hours to the nearest US port.
  • Free movement of profit and dividends with no capital gains, estate or death taxes
  • An English speaking, educated, and trainable workforce with 95% literacy.
  • Dominica was ranked #8 by FDI Intelligence for this area which includes safety, political stability, health and education services per population and life expectancy.
  • Great opportunity to invest in a location which has not been overcrowded with external advancement but has the business climate for strong green field operations in several investment sectors.
  • A stable macroeconomic environment and mature democracy.
  • Unrestricted foreign ownership of businesses.
  • Slate of flexible and well-tailored concessions for large and small investment projects.
  • A diverse population of settlers, encompassing several nationalities inclusive of the indigenous Kalinago people contributing to a highly talented and multilingual work force.
  • Regular sea and air transportation to major markets and destination.
  • Preferential access to major international markets and agreements with Europe (EPA) and CARICOM.

For more information please contact:

Invest Dominica Authority
5-7 Great Marlborough Street Roseau, Dominica

T: +1 (767) 448-2045
F: +1 (767) 448-5840
E: [email protected]

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