Vessel Registration


  • Competitive Pricing
  • Dedicated Staff Providing Prompt and Efficient Customer Service
  • Extensive Global Technical Support Network
  • Proactive IMO Participation
  • Statutory Surveys and Certification Program
  • Dedicated Effort to Continually Improve MOU Performance
  • Multiple Incentive Programs Including Tonnage Fee Cap
  • Foreign Maritime Entity Waiver Program: maintain existing IBC in former domicile
  • Flag State Inspection Program to Enhance Port State Compliance and Response Support
  • Acceptance by Major Banks, Charterers, and Insurance Agencies
  • Anti-Piracy: Real Solutions Using Dominica Administration Approved Security Personnel
  • 24 Hour Emergency Support
  • STCW “White List” Mariner Training, Licensing and Certification Program for Issuance of Original COC 

Ship Registration

Registering a vessel under the Commonwealth of Dominica is efficient, straightforward and cost-effective. We are available to assist the client throughout the complete process.

The first step is to submit a request for acceptance to the Registry.  A quotation will be provided upon acceptance, and it is smooth sailing from there. We can tailor the registration process specific to each client’s needs.

Our administration boasts a comprehensive knowledge of registering all vessel types. We provide outstanding technical assistance, competitive registration fees and absolutely no hidden costs or tonnage taxes.


Required Documentation for Vessel Registration

  • Application for Official Number, Call Sign and Registration of Vessel
  • Proof of Authority of Agent OR Officer executing registration documents (Power of Attorney or Corporate Resolution
  • If pre-existing Corporation, Application for Waiver Requirements to be listed a Foreign Maritime Entity
  • Acceptance of International Tonnage Certificate
  • Confirmation of Class by any of the approved Classification Societies, within 10 days from Registration (Vessels >500GRT)
  • Affidavit or Statement of Class
  • Oath of Owner
  • Proof of P& I Insurance
  • Deletion Certificate from current Registry
  • Mortgage Recordation (if applicable)
  • Waiver of Age (if Vessel is over 20 Years of Age)
  • Minimum Safe Manning Certificate
  • ISM Code Declaration Form
  • Authorization to register
  • All fees paid

Caribbean Cargo Ship Safety

The Code of Safety for Caribbean Cargo Ships (CCSS Code) was adopted by the Final Preparatory and Signatory Meeting on Port State Control for the Caribbean Region on February 5 – 9, 1996. On 29 January, 1997 the Caribbean Port State Control Committee adopted amendments to the CCSS Code.

The Code applies to sea-going Dominica ships of less than 500 gross tons but above 24m in length, engaged in voyages in the Caribbean Trading Area, with the exception of passenger ships, fishing vessels and pleasure craft.  The provisions of this Code help facilitate the operation of vessels to which certain international conventions are not applicable and therefore should ensure a level of security for the ship and the crew.

Code of Safety for Caribbean Cargo Ships

DOMINICA MARITIME REGISTRY has qualified surveyors available in the Caribbean region to conduct safety surveys in accordance with the code and can assist vessel owners with obtaining and maintain compliance.  Registration of a vessel under the Code is simple and begins with a request for acceptance to the Registry.  A quotation will be provided upon acceptance, and it is smooth sailing from there.

DOMINICA MARITIME REGISTRY boasts comprehensive knowledge of registration and certification of all vessel types. We provide outstanding technical assistance, competitive registration fees and absolutely no hidden costs.

Mortgage Recordation

The Commonwealth of Dominica International Maritime Act incorporates a range of provisions for the recordation of security-related instruments and documents of title. Recordation gives notice to creditors, purchasers, suppliers and other parties with an interest in such transactions, and furnishes an internationally enforceable structure for the protection of those legal rights recorded with respect to a vessel of the Commonwealth of Dominica. Preferred status, accorded to a mortgage under Chapter 3 of the Act, gives priority to the lender’s mortgage lien over those of certain other claimants.

Mortgages can be pre-registered by receiving faxed copies of the following documents. For final recordation, the originals should be received via courier at the DOMINICA MARITIME REGISTRY.

  • Preferred Mortgage (3 signed and notarized copies)
  • Memorandum of Particulars (3 signed and notarized copies)
  • A Bill of Sale or Builder’s Certificate (3 signed and notarized copies) in the following cases: change of ownership, registration the vessel and recordation of mortgage at the same time.

We can accept faxed or emailed copies of these documents at the time of closing, so we can prepare a Certificate of Ownership and Encumbrance to be sent to the Mortgagee on the day of the closing. If the mortgage is recorded after the vessel’s initial registration, a revised Certificate of Registration will be issued reflecting the Encumbrance recording at no additional charge.

Statutory Services

The Commonwealth of Dominica Maritime Administration offers a five-year Statutory Service Program which is managed directly by the Office of Maritime Affairs. We offer vessel owners a competitive statutory survey and certification package that is a cost-effective and efficient solution to consolidating vessel services and mitigating costs.

Through the Administration’s headquarters and technical service locations worldwide, the statutory survey and certification package includes initial, annual, and renewal surveys, which are carried out and supported by highly qualified surveyors and naval architects.

To support vessel owners in their efforts to maintain economic viability, this program is offered in five annual installments through a Block Fee Agreement. The Block Fee Agreement also includes the cost of issuance for the interim and full term certificates as well as Annual Flag State Inspections.

The Commonwealth of Dominica Maritime Administration is proud to offer this service directly to vessel owners rather than delegate the responsibility and customer service to third party organizations. Administrations should carry out this responsibility directly in order to look out for the interests of the ship owner.

Recognized Organizations Approved by Dominica Maritime Administration

Any commercial vessel on an International voyage can be registered under the Dominica International Maritime Registry. The Administration works closely with the below listed classification societies, which are members in good standing of the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS).

 Flag State Inspection

The Flag State Inspection Program was created with the goal of assisting ship owners and operators with the safe operation of their vessels and to reduce the number of deficiencies and detentions received during Port State Control inspections. The program incorporates multiple inspection types that are necessary to prevent, identify, and rectify any issues related to safety, security and environmental protection.

The program is not intended to replace surveys for the issuance of class and statutory certificates. Such activities will continue to be performed by duly recognized organizations. Each inspection has a different purpose, but the final goal is to assist the ship owner/operator in complying with the application of international standards prescribed by a host of treaties and conventions such as Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) and the Marine Pollution Convention (MARPOL) as well as national regulations. The main goals of the program are to assist owners and operators to conduct their vessels safely, efficiently and cost-effectively.

As a continued effort to reach our goal of zero deficiencies and detentions, Dominica has also developed the Detention Prevention Program. This program entails daily monitoring of our vessels’ performance and identifying vessels that are having difficulty complying with mandatory instruments. These vessels are placed in the Detention Prevention Program and additional support is provided to the owner and operator.

Anti-Piracy Assistance

We have balanced the requirements for compliance and international treaties with a high performance and asset protection protocol that will ensure your vessels are safe. Ship owners and crew of any merchant vessel traveling under the flag of the Commonwealth of Dominica must feel safe.

The Commonwealth of Dominica opposes any kind of restraint, depredation or seizure of its vessels. Any aggression considered an act of piracy against any Dominica flagged vessel shall be dealt with swiftly and assertively. To counter the growing incidents of piracy off the Horn of Africa and the Arabian Sea, the Administration has developed a multi-tiered assistance package to meet the needs of vessels traversing High Risk Waters.

Package Includes:

  • Support in development of vessel-specific risk assessments and security plans
  • Online access to the latest piracy assessments throughout the world
  • Convoy coordination assistance
  • Port State entry coordination
  • Optional placement of DMRI-trained security personnel with a pre-approved firearms package
  • Direct security assistance through international military forces operating in the region

Foreign Maritime Entities

Foreign Maritime Entities (FME’s)

A business entity incorporated in a state other than the Commonwealth of Dominica must register as a Foreign Maritime Entity in order to be eligible to own a Dominica flagged vessel.

The necessary information to be provided to office in order to proceed with the registration as a Commonwealth of Dominica FME is as follows:

  • Certified copy of the Articles of Incorporation, Corporate Charter or other formation document

of the entity.

  • Evidence of the foreign entity’s current existence under the laws of the state of its formation and

its good standing with that jurisdiction.

To register as a FME Commonwealth of Dominica FME application is available here and questions regarding FME’s can be sent to [email protected]

Legal Opinions

While the Consulate General of Dominica does not provide legal advice our staff attorneys can provide guidance on vessel registration, mortgage recordation, forming business entities, assistance in filings and review of draft documentation. Legal opinions are available from qualified attorneys licensed to practice both in the Commonwealth of Dominica and abroad.

For more information regarding these services please contact [email protected]


Vessel Registration:  Documents & Forms

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