Dominica Visa Requirements

Dominica VISA Requirements for Overseas Travelers Persons from the following countries wishing to enter into the Commonwealth of Dominica may do without a visa. The period of stay must not exceed six…
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Getting Married in Dominica

Dominica Wedding License Fees & Requirements Obtain a Marriage Application Form (Form G) (PDF, 84.2 KB) and List of Required Documents for Grant of a Special Marriage Licence ( Present completed form…
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International Business Company Formation

Dominica Company Formation Company formation in the Commonwealth of Dominica can be obtained in 24 hours under the International Business Companies Act of 1988 for international business companies (IBCs). There are several…
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Invest in Dominica

Why Invest in Dominica? Dominica ranked #6 by FDI Intelligence for cost effectiveness in the Caribbean & Latin America- “Gateway to Europe” 15 minutes by air to the French Overseas Departments of…
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Yacht Registration

Registering a Yacht in Dominica The Commonwealth of Dominica’s open International Ship Registry is one of the fastest growing and most efficiently managed Ship Registries. Registering a Yacht under the Commonwealth of…
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The Consulate General of The Commonwealth of Dominica in Ho Chi Minh City

The Consulate is the diplomatic representative of the Commonwealth of Dominica in Ho Chi Minh City. It provides a range of consular services to citizens of Dominica, those conducting business in Dominica and potential visitors and investors to Dominica.

The Consulate aims to strengthen its capacity to respond to Government’s priorities in the external sector, emphasizing trade, investment, and tourism promotion, as well as external representation and negotiations with international organisations in Vietnam and South East Asia.

Welcome to the official website of the Consulate General of the Commonwealth of Dominica in Ho Chi Minh City. The Consulate is mandated to conduct official Government of Dominica business in South East Asia. The Consulate is focused on maintaining, and strengthening these international relationships, and on increasing the profile of Dominica within the international community.

The Consulate is committed to its obligation to encourage and facilitate trade and investment in Dominica and to promote Dominica as the Nature Island paradise destination for Eco-tourism and leisure travel. We also encourage nationals of Dominica to continue to be front-line ambassadors for Dominica and to take their place as partners in Dominica’s national development agenda.

Another important mission of the Consulate is to assist citizens of Dominica who are visiting, or living in, South East Asia, as well as the protection of legal rights and economic interests of citizens of Dominica within South East Asia. We also strive to contribute to the development of cultural, economic, academic, scientific and people-to-people relations between South East Asia and Dominica.

The Consulate has been established in 2017 in new, spacious and modern premises near the centre of the city. We are happy to see a significant increase in visitors to Dominica from South East Asia during recent years and hope that even more will have the chance to discover the beauty of Dominica.

The personnel of the Consulate will be happy to answer any questions you may have and to provide you with information about Dominica, so please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Jean-Francois Harvey
Consul General of the Commonwealth of Dominica in Ho Chi Minh City